WarmSwim is a Texas-based solar-heating company that works EXCLUSIVELY on heating swimming pools. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the absolute best quality and most reliable solar heating systems on the planet.

In fact, we’re the exclusive dealers for the iSwim solar collector systems throughout the state of Texas. We love iSwim for a number of reasons, including:

  1. The iSwim panel is manufactured by Solar Hydronic Corporation, a US based manufacturer. SHC built a brand new facility in Odessa, FL in 2009. Unlike other solar collectors being manufactured overseas on 40 year old machines, our collectors are the latest designed, most durable collector on the market.
  2. iSwim uses a true 2 inch over molded header. Larger headers mean more room for pool water to flow at low pressure. iSwim is the lowest pressure collector on the market.
  3. SHC uses the highest quality materials when manufacturing iSwim panels. Using a specially formulated antioxidant ensures that our collectors can stand up to the sunshine they collect. An iSwim panel will remain in service for up to 20 years, that’s alot of free swimming!

Aside from representing the highest quality collector on the market, Warm Swim sets it self aside from our competition in a number of other ways:

  1. We ALWAYS ensure the most efficient and optimal installation site.
  2. We LABEL all solar piping so you and your pool service company know exactly how your system is connected.
  3. We PAINT all solar piping to blend with the color of your house and roof for the most
  4. We walk every customer through their system after installation, and provide a system manual for your future reference.

Tom Brannam

sales & training

Teah Marie

business manager

Matt Scott

lead installer