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How does a solar pool heater work?

Our systems use your existing pool pump to push water into the solar panel. The sun exposure heats the water and sends it back into your pool. The cycle continues until your pool reaches your desired temperature. And you control the temperature with a digital thermostat. A solar system can stand alone or be used in conjunction with a traditional heater. Using FREE ENERGY from the sun, solar pool heaters allow you to swim more often with out the fuel cost associated with traditional pool heaters.

How much will a solar pool heater extend my swim season?

Our customers report swimming about 8 months a year. Since solar pool heaters raise the temperature of your pool 8 – 15 degrees, you could add 3 extra months to your swimming season. Unlike those who use gas heaters or heat pumps, solar customers can leave their heaters ON because the energy source is free. This means no more pre-planning your swim, turning your heater on half a day before you want to swim, or worrying if you shut it off overnight.

What is the cost comparison to heating with gas or electric?

Since the sun doesn’t charge for its rays, solar pool heating is hands down the most affordable way to heat your pool. The U.S. Department of Energy calls it the most cost effective use of solar technology today. How? By producing more energy per dollar spent than any residential solar system available. The amount of traditional energy replaced by a solar pool heater can save you up to $1,300.00 a year in pool heating cost.

Will I need HOA approval?

If your home is part of an HOA then probably yes. We’ll provide you with the necessary documents and often work directly with your HOA to get your project approved.

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