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Solar pool heating is the most cost effective way to heat your pool.

If you want to extend your swimming season but hate the idea of costly bills associated with fuel-fired heaters, a solar pool heater is the answer to all of your problems – okay maybe not all of them. When it comes to heating water, solar is our best source of energy available today. Have you ever turned on the garden hose on a hot day and out comes warm water? That is exactly how our solar pool heaters work, collecting heat from the sunshine and moving it to your pool.


  Solar Pool Heating Traditional Pool Heating

Cost of Installation

Initial installation cost is the same or less than a traditional heater. Expect extra charges for the installation of; a gas line, electrical hook-ups, and/or a concrete pad.

Life Span

Will remain in operation for 15-20 years Will need replaced in 4 -7 years from date of installation.

Cost of Operation

Uses FREE energy from the Sun, because sunshine is still free, you swim more without a utility bill. COSTLY utility bill generated every time you turn on a traditional heater.


ZERO maintenance required, saving you hundreds in repair bills. HIGH maintenance, fuel fired heaters have to burn at very high temperatures to heat water, which causes costly maintenance and repair bills.


"The most effective use of solar technology available today" - U.S. Department of Energy Natural gas, while more friendly than electric, is not an Earth-Friendly way to heat your pool.

Cooling Function

Use your solar panels to cool your pool during the hottest summer months. Nope, no cooling function available on a traditional heater.
  • Make the most of your investment.

    Swimming pools provide endless hours of relaxation and fun for the whole family – during the regular pool season. After investing so much time and money into your backyard oasis, the last thing you want to do is add a costly utility bill to extend your swimming season. Solar pool heaters allow you to keep your pool at a consistent temperature to extend your swimming season, ensuring you really do get more out of your pool.

  • Sample

    Magic? Not exactly, but almost…

    “How does it all work”, you ask? Solar pool heating is simple. Using your pool’s existing pool pump, water is sent through a series of collectors where it is heated by the sun to your desired temperature – as set on the automatic controller. This process continues until your pool is the perfect temperature. It really is that simple.